Information to the Pharmaceutical companies

The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Product Compendium (Felleskatalogen AS) is a private company owned by the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI). The company was established in 1958.
The mission of Felleskatalogen is to provide healthcare personnel with structured, updated and easily available information about pharmaceutical products on the Norwegian market. Healthcare personnel describe Felleskatalogen as an “essential source for product information”1. We believe that knowledge about pharmaceutical products is critical for safe prescription and use of medicines. 1Based on user surveillance by doctors in February 2014.
For information about our information elements, information plattforms, cooperators and practical information, see brochure human and brochure veterinary.


We use SharePoint to share documents (Felleskatalog texts and packages leaflets) with the companies. SharePoint Media is used for RMP material and videos.
Send an email to if you need access to SharePoint.

Working with Felleskatalog texts

A Felleskatalog text is a prescription text based on the SPC. Be aware that the Felleskatalog text has it’s own structure, somewhat different from the SPC, and that it should be abbreviated compared to the SPC.
Any questions? Please contact our Managing director, Bente Jansen,